Venue Rental

General Information

This is a private residence, available for private events.

It is a lakefront property, with waterfalls, clifftop views of the lake, and unique features including the expansive outdoor sheltered space for entertainment and relaxation.

How can I rent it?

You can rent it for overnight stays, and also special events, on certain days of the week.  

NOTE: Reservation requests for overnight stays are opened only 3 months in advance by default...

Request a reservation for a regular overnight stay via AirBnB , or VRBO


Is it really a cave?

Yes! But it's not a cold dark hole in the ground. The opening gets lots of afternoon sun, and is an amazing outside shelter.

How many people can gather here?

It's somewhat dependent on the event type and plans for formal seating.  A casual gathering with a mix of people standing and sitting at various times (such as a general party scene) has shown over 125 people to easily spread around the property both inside the cave and out.  Should the weather turn foul, the cave and cabin areas can absorb some 100 to 125.

Is there electricity, plumbing, showers?

Yes- the main cabin is a free-standing full cabin with a bedroom, bath, living room, kitchen, and sleeping for four. There are two outside showers and one inside shower as well, all with hot water.

What about cell service and internet?

AT&T gets a few bars in the cave, but other networks have spotty service here. Fortunately, the wifi coverage is reliable and can be used to make calls, text, and browse the web. 

Can we bring food and drink in?

Yes- cooking directly over fires is recommended and fun! 

Can we light fires?

Yes- there are multiple firepits in the outside space, and two indoor fireplaces as well.

Can I bring my boat or jetski?

Yes- providing the water levels allow it, you can put boats / watercraft in just 15 minutes away at Duncan Bridge, and dock at the Cave (Smith Lake water level needs to be higher than about 500, so the water is generally too low in the late fall and winter).