Gallery & Testimonials

In my wildest dreams, I couldn't have imagined a more romantic honeymoon scene than the Cave. My new husband and I were literally in tears when we stepped into this mesmerizing space. We hope to come back every anniversary to remember the most enchanting night of our lives!

[ Jordan P]

Game day or game night at the Cave is a special experience.  The outside ambiance combined with high definition in a native shelter is rare to find.

[ Andrew C]

I've seen comedians, bands, tarot card readers, and more perform for their friends or big audiences at the Cave.  It's a great location for private events, bonding with Mother Nature, and more.  One of my favorite memories was watching a live theater production of Dracula in the Cave!!

[ Tammy D]

A Few more Angles

Outdoor Tree Shower, lit by the Sun

Although a cave, a great place for afternoon sun

A view from the stone stairway cut into the cliff itself

Dusk approaches, as the cave glows with excitement

Sunlight and smoke on a cold sunny day

The cave water trough and rock ceiling hint at opportunities

Wintry weather makes the true nature of the shelter even more appreciated

Full windows above the lake catch the end of the day against the ridgeline

From the dock at dusk, the cave is about to be bathed in light and fire and warmth.

From above the cave, a long view of the lake, from the very end of the slough